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Bipsync and Canoe Intelligence Team to Streamline Collection and Categorization of Investment Documents

NEW YORK, February 2, 2022 –The best-of-breed RMS provider, Bipsync, partners with Canoe Intelligence (“Canoe”), a financial technology company redefining data management processes for alternative investors and allocators, to bring unrivaled efficiency to investment document management. The collaboration between Bipsync and Canoe streamlines and automates the investment document collection and categorization processes for mutual clients, and delivers superior content management for investors to make more informed investment decisions.

Through this partnership, mutual clients can leverage Canoe to automatically retrieve investment documents from multiple sources and store those documents securely within Bipsync for future use. This new functionality is especially relevant for institutions with research management, process management, and advanced compliance and data integration needs. Mutual clients can also access Canoe’s extraction technology to automate and scale their alternatives data management workflows.

Automated document retrieval is available through Canoe Connect, a first-of-its-kind technology for collecting, categorizing, tagging, and renaming documents from multiple sources such as general partner (GP) and administrator portals and email.

Documents are systematically transferred from Canoe to Bipsync via a technical API integration for utmost efficiency, security, and automation. Documents are then stored in Bipsync RMS, an integrated research environment that delivers consumer-like user experience and agility, with enterprise security and compliance. Bipsync integrates a centralized research database, intuitive note-taking, organization tools, workflow pipelines, and automation tools for research that is always available whenever and wherever investors need it.

“The mission of Bipsync is to unify and streamline investment and research processes and provide our clients with the best SaaS solution to drive pertinent growth decision-making. At our core, we empower the proprietary investment strategies of financial institutions. This will now be more apparent to our institutional investors, capital allocators, and wealth managers, thanks to our partnership with Canoe,” reflects Ken Read, Chief Revenue Officer at Bipsync.

Bipsync’s comprehensive API creates endless possibilities for integration and its open-source infrastructure allows seamless integration for necessary partners such as Canoe.

Since its commercial launch in 2018, Canoe has enabled more than 150 alternative investors and allocators to scale their businesses and has become the industry-standard approach for automating alternatives documents and data management. Through its latest offering, Canoe Connect, Canoe leverages API and RPA integrations with general partners to retrieve essential documents for clients and eliminate common operational challenges such as managing hundreds or thousands of portals, changing passwords and multi-factor authentication, and inconsistent document delivery, format, and frequency. Moreover, its shared intelligence from its growing fund master database of over 14,000 funds across numerous asset classes enables Canoe to ingest high volumes of complex documents and create instantaneous access to actionable data.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Bipsync to streamline the time-consuming and highly-manual document collection and categorization process for mutual clients,” said Mike Muniz, Partner and Chief Revenue Officer at Canoe Intelligence. “This collaboration transforms how allocators interact with their documents and data, significantly shortening the time spent on document aggregation and management. At our core, we’re enabling clients to refocus their time on the most impactful activities – data analysis, investment decision-making, and client service.”

The future of research management is ever-changing, and investors desire technology that evolves with them. The combination of Canoe and Bipsync provides mutual clients with the flexibility to integrate with other document, data, and platform partners as their organizational needs continue to shift.


About Canoe Intelligence
Canoe Intelligence redefines alternative investment data processes for hundreds of leading institutional investors, capital allocators, asset servicing firms, and wealth managers. By combining industry expertise with the most sophisticated data capture technologies, Canoe’s technology automates the highly frustrating, time-consuming, and costly manual workflows related to alternative investment document and data management, extraction, and delivery. With Canoe, clients can refocus capital and human resources on business performance and growth, increase efficiency, and gain deeper access to their data. Canoe’s AI-driven platform was developed in 2013 for Portage Partners LLC, a private investment firm. Learn more:

About Bipsync
Bipsync is a Research Automation Platform purposefully designed to optimize end-to-end research management processes connecting investment front and back offices. We use modern technologies, agile processes, and user-centered design to drive speed, agility, quality, and efficiency into our customers’ research processes to drive better decisions, faster. Bipsync clients span the entire investment management industry across asset class, strategy, and size. The world’s largest allocators right through to pre-launch hedge funds rely on Bipsync as a single system of record and modern productivity environment to help them power their unique research processes and drive operational excellence. Learn more:

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