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State-of-the-art services for managing private equity: QPLIX Partners with Canoe Intelligence

MUNICH, NEW YORK, June 18, 2024 – Leading European wealth management platform QPLIX and Canoe Intelligence have entered a partnership to harness the potential of machine learning and artificial intelligence to streamline private equity fund-related workflows. Canoe, the platform for smarter alts management, is a US-headquartered provider of advanced, AI-based document collection and data extraction technologies for alternative investors. The partnership enables alternative investors to directly route and map data from their private equity fund documents in Canoe to the QPLIX wealth management platform.

“Private equity assets are key investment instruments for a variety of investors ranging from accredited individuals to insurance companies and institutional investors like pension funds”, states Philipp Besser, Head of Business Development at QPLIX. “With their above-average profitability, these asset classes are a part of virtually all QPLIX client portfolios. That’s why we are happy to partner with Canoe, who enables us to add value to our offering by automating the ingestion of our clients’ PE-related data thereby streamlining their operational workflows.”

Canoe streamlines and automates the document collection and data management processes for those dealing with alternative investments, so clients can increase efficiencies and win time to focus on the strategic aspects of their jobs. QPLIX and Canoe’s purpose-driven partnership aims to harness the potential of machine learning and artificial intelligence to streamline private equity fund-related workflows.

With coverage that extends across 42,000 funds, Canoe leverages shared intelligence from its diverse client base of more than 325 alternative investors. Clients can leverage this collective network and reliably extract data based on other learning in the system before creating bespoke patterns to meet their individual needs. Through the Canoe platform, the extracted data is securely shared with the client’s QPLIX system, the extracted data is securely shared with the client’s QPLIX system in the form of transactions, with links to the source documents.

“Private equity investments, while increasingly popular, often involve cumbersome manual processes for managing documents and data. Canoe streamlines these tasks, providing accurate, high-quality data, enabling our partners to then confidently pass that trusted information on to their customers,” said Oliver Wedlake, Senior Director of EMEA Wealth Management at Canoe Intelligence. “Our partnership with QPLIX extends this solution to a broader audience, offering leading technologies and services for optimal performance in managing private equity investments.”

Through the new partnership with QPLIX, Canoe’s value is now available to a larger number of professional investors who manage complex portfolios, including private equity and alternative assets. When the Canoe and QPLIX platforms are used together as a holistic solution, they significantly improve mutual clients’ ability to efficiently and effectively manage their private equity investments.


About Canoe Intelligence
Canoe Intelligence (“Canoe”) is a financial technology company dedicated to advancing alternative investment intelligence for institutional investors, capital allocators, wealth managers, and asset servicing firms. Canoe empowers clients with technology, data, and insights to manage alternative assets more efficiently, accurately, and confidently. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, Canoe is redefining the future of alternative investment data management.

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