Product Updates

Canoe Intelligence Product Update – January 2021

2020 Year In Review

With client and partner feedback and support, our team has made great progress in continuing to enhance Canoe Intelligence for all types of clients working with or allocating to alternatives. 

Below, we look back on the year and highlight some of the larger enhancements made to the platform across the end-to-end operational workflow that incorporates document ingestion and categorization to data extraction, validation and delivery.

Keep Paddling,
Seth Brotman, President and COO

More Sophisticated Document Ingestion Options

  • Streamlined ability to make bulk updates to Accounts, Entities, Investments, and Allocations within Canoe’s Ownership Configuration Engine
  • Improved document ingestion performance by decoupling document ingestion from the extraction process

Improved Document Review Processes

  • Added ability for users to save sets of filters that they frequently use
  • Streamlined the approval of users’ investment documents before sending the data to their downstream systems with a new Document Approval Workflow
  • Enhanced review process with upgraded user permissioning capabilities and document commenting functionality

Greater Control in Data Management

  • Ability to extract and validate data from multi-allocation documents
  • Added User-Driven Validation giving the ability to choose which fields are required for successful extraction purposes and apply those preferences to all or a selection of documents 
  • Improved support for more complex document types, structures, and technologies (ILPAs, table detection, etc.)
  • Set up document locking functionality to let users control the impact of future intelligence on already processed documents
  • Added ability to create allocation-specific aliases for duplicate entity and investment aliases in the same multi-allocation document
  • Enabled the mapping of multiple data points to one field

Expanded Support for Additional Downstream Systems

  • Created a new integration and data extract for SEI Archway clients
  • Made ongoing improvements and customizations to the existing SS&C Black Diamond Wealth Platform and Addepar data extracts
  • Eased the Document Approval workflow with New API parameters
  • Enhanced GET parameters to filter by all locked documents and document approval status