Optimizing Alts: 5 Triggers to Enhance Your Custodian-Advisor Partnership

Empowering Advisors with Canoe – From Accelerating K-1 Data Management to Simplifying Capital Call Reconciliation, Alts Management is Transformed.


It can be daunting for financial advisors to manage alternative investments. From the intricate nature of each individual asset class and the lack of transparency in obtaining the information you need, to non-standardized reporting, subjective asset valuation, illiquidity concerns, and resource-intensive due diligence, alternative asset management is a multifaceted challenge. Moreover, reconciling data is a time-consuming process that can lead to inaccuracies and delayed decision-making. 

Custodian banks play a pivotal role in supporting Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) and financial advisors by providing custody and administrative services for their clients’ alts investments. 

In this article, we explore five common triggers or opportunities for custodians to engage Canoe Intelligence, a pioneering solution in alts data management, to empower financial advisors and enhance the management of alts portfolios.

1. “I can’t wait for the K-1 report to generate a price file.”

2. “Reconciling capital calls in my reporting system can take me hours, and it’s always a fire drill.”

3. “What should I do when our fund administrator is delayed in posting pricing data?”

4. “Can you help us manage alts in our reporting provider?”

5. “How can we get more recent data for our alts?”

1. “I can’t wait for the K-1 report to generate a price file.”

Financial advisors often find themselves in a waiting game when it comes to K-1s. These reports are vital for understanding the financial performance and tax implications of their clients’ alternative investments. However, the process of generating K-1 reports can be time-consuming and, often, exasperating.

This waiting period carries real consequences that affect the investment landscape. Delayed reporting, whether due to administrative bottlenecks or manual data processing, can significantly hinder the ability to make timely investment decisions. When up-to-date K-1 reports are lacking, advisors are essentially operating with incomplete information, potentially leading to suboptimal investment choices.

Delayed K-1 reporting can also reverberate through the entire advisory process, affecting not only investment decisions but also client satisfaction. Those who experience prolonged uncertainty about their investments may become anxious or dissatisfied with the advisory services. A lack of transparency in the reporting process can undermine trust, a critical element of the advisor-client relationship.

In this scenario, the challenge is not just patience; it’s the ripple effect on financial advisors’ capacity to serve their clients effectively and maintain trust.

Opportunity with Canoe: 
Canoe empowers financial advisors to handle K-1 data with unmatched efficiency.

  • Efficient Data Collection: Instead of painstakingly gathering and inputting data by hand, Canoe’s automation ensures that relevant data is swiftly collected and accurately entered, eliminating the tedious manual process.
  • Data Management: Once collected, the K-1 data is organized effectively within Canoe’s platform, saving time and ensuring that the data is consistently structured and accessible.
  • Rapid Processing: Perhaps the most significant benefit is the ability to process K-1 data with remarkable speed. The waiting game becomes a swift, data-driven process, and financial advisors can respond to market changes much sooner.
  • Improved Decision-Making: Canoe’s automation minimizes the risk of manual data entry errors, delivering highly reliable data. This accuracy boosts advisors’ confidence in investment decisions and reduces the likelihood of costly mistakes.
  • Enhanced Client Satisfaction: By ensuring faster, more accurate access to K-1 data, advisors can offer clients a higher degree of transparency and responsiveness. Clients benefit from more timely insights into their investments, which, in turn, strengthens trust in the advisory relationship.

2. “Reconciling capital calls in my reporting system can take me hours, and it’s always a fire drill.”

Capital calls are not a one-size-fits-all equation, and this lack of standardization exacerbates the difficulty of maintaining accurate records and calculations. Reconciling capital calls such as private equity and hedge funds, require complex and unique processing, rendering them a manual, time-consuming challenge for financial advisors and custodian banks.

One of the primary difficulties lies in the extensive manual effort required for reconciliation. Advisors are tasked with interpreting the multifaceted terms and requirements contained within capital call notices, and each notice is often presented in the fund’s own intricate format, adding layers of complexity to the process.

The urgency attached to these calls further intensifies the challenge. Advisors are often pressed for time, needing to meet strict deadlines and submit precise data promptly. This sense of immediacy can lead to a rush in processing, which, unfortunately, may also introduce inefficiencies and potential errors. The risk of compliance issues looms large. An incorrectly reconciled capital call can result in regulatory violations, putting both advisors and their clients’ investments at risk.

The manual nature of the process also diverts advisors’ focus from more strategic and value-adding tasks. The challenge of reconciling capital calls underscores the need for advanced solutions like Canoe Intelligence to streamline the process, enhance operational efficiency, and reduce the potential for errors.

Opportunity with Canoe: 

  • Valuable Time and Effort Recovered: Canoe’s automation streamlines the collection of capital call data, ensuring efficient data collection from each source and eliminating the need for laborious manual data entry. 
  • Standardized Data Management: Once collected, Canoe’s technology effectively manages capital call data by structuring and organizing it in a consistent manner, accelerating the reconciliation process and minimizing the risk of errors.
  • Timely Compliance: With Canoe, the urgency and time sensitivity of capital calls are effectively addressed, reducing the risk of last-minute rushes.
  • Streamlined and Organized Reconciliation: Canoe provides a seamless solution for reconciling capital calls. The organized approach minimizes the risk of overlooking crucial details, offering a level of precision that is challenging to achieve through manual processes.
  • Operational Efficiency: By automating the capital call reconciliation process, Canoe liberates financial advisors from the manual, time-consuming aspects of reconciliation, allowing them to focus on higher-value tasks that benefit their clients and improve the overall alts management process.

3. “What should I do when our fund administrator is delayed in posting pricing data?”

Pricing alternative assets is a critical component in assessing their performance and making informed investment decisions. However, this process can be challenging, with delayed or inaccurate pricing often looming as a substantial hurdle for financial advisors. 

Inaccurate pricing data introduces another level of uncertainty into the equation, as investors rely on this information to understand the value of their investments and make strategic decisions. Inaccuracies can lead to confusion and, later, hesitation in making investment decisions, potentially resulting in missed opportunities or misjudgments.

Equally problematic is the issue of delayed pricing, which disrupts the decision-making process. Without up-to-date pricing data, financial advisors are left in the dark about the current state of their clients’ investments. This forces advisors to operate with incomplete information, again leading to potentially suboptimal choices or missed opportunities. 

Delayed or inaccurate pricing can impact client satisfaction and trust in the advisory relationship, as clients may become frustrated with the perceived opacity of their investments. 

Opportunity with Canoe: 
Canoe’s advanced technology is designed to promote both transparency and data accuracy in pricing data.

  • Enhanced Data Extraction: Canoe excels at data extraction, streamlining the pricing information from a multitude of documents and ensuring that data is collected and organized consistently and reliably. This automated process minimizes the potential for pricing inaccuracies caused by manual data entry or document interpretation errors.
  • Minimizing Delays: The platform accelerates the pricing data collection process, reducing the likelihood of delays and ensuring advisors can operate with the most up-to-date data.
  • Improved Transparency: The more transparent view of pricing data allows advisors to understand and verify the accuracy of the information, empowering them to make more informed investment decisions and fostering trust within the advisory relationship.

4. “Can you help us manage alts in our reporting provider?”

Integrating alternative investments into reporting providers like Addepar, Black Diamond, SEI Archway, and Orion is a considerable challenge for financial advisors. The unique characteristics of alternative assets make the integration process far from straightforward. Unlike traditional investments, alternative assets may lack standardized data formats and can vary significantly in terms of structure and documentation.

Unsurprisingly, one of the core challenges faced is the manual data entry that is often required. Financial advisors find themselves in the unenviable position of having to complete a process that can be not only time-consuming but also prone to human error. When handled manually, this also significantly increases operational costs, diverting resources that could be better utilized elsewhere.

On top of that, the unique characteristics of alternative investments can result in data inconsistencies. The lack of standardized reporting across different funds and asset classes makes it challenging to integrate these investments into reporting providers. This variety can also introduce discrepancies and inaccuracies, undermining the integrity of the reporting process.

Opportunity with Canoe: 
Canoe’s technology is designed to seamlessly integrate with reporting systems, including the aforementioned providers. By automating data entry and management processes, it simplifies the task of managing alternative investments within and across each platform.

  • Automated Data Integration: By extracting and organizing data accurately from a variety of documents, Canoe accelerates the integration process. The automation also makes it significantly more precise, reducing the potential for human error that often accompanies manual data entry.
  • Reduced Operational Costs: The elimination of manual data entry also reduces operational costs as advisors can redirect their resources and efforts to more strategic tasks, improving their overall efficiency and productivity.
  • Enhanced Reporting Accuracy: By ensuring that data is consistently structured and accurate, Canoe minimizes the risk of inconsistencies and discrepancies across reporting systems, enhancing the overall integrity of the reporting process.

Canoe’s technology simplifies the integration process, enabling advisors to approach the reporting of alternative investments with confidence, precision, and operational efficiency. 

5. “How can we get more recent data for our alts?”

Obtaining up-to-date data for alternative investments is a persistent roadblock rooted in the diverse range of alternative asset classes and the unique characteristics of each. Unlike traditional investments, alternative assets often lack a standardized format for reporting, which further exacerbates the issue of timely data access. 

The absence of standardization leads to several downstream challenges. One of the primary ones is the time required to gather data from various sources. Financial advisors often have to navigate a complex landscape of data providers, each with its own reporting format and requirements, and make sense of the output from each. This manual data collection process is time-consuming and vulnerable to errors and inconsistencies.

Moreover, the lack of standardization hinders the real-time accessibility of data. Without a uniform framework, data updates can be delayed or even sporadic. Advisors may struggle to access the most current information, which is critical for making informed investment decisions. This limited access to alts data can lead to uncertainty, hesitation, and potential missed opportunities.

Opportunity with Canoe: 
Canoe’s automation provides a streamlined and efficient approach to data management, ensuring that clients have real-time access to accurate and up-to-date information. 

  • Automated Data Collection: Canoe streamlines the gathering of data from various sources through automation, reducing the time and effort required for data collection.
  • Real-Time Access: By automating data collection, Canoe ensures that clients have real-time access to critical information. This real-time access empowers financial advisors and custodian banks to make decisions based on the most current data, enhancing their ability to navigate the dynamic and fast-paced alts landscape.
  • Data Accuracy: Canoe’s technology enhances data accuracy by structuring and normalizing data from various sources and eliminating manual entry errors and inconsistencies. This standard ensures that data is not only up to date but also reliable, improving the overall decision-making process.


Engaging Canoe Intelligence in the management of alts investment information offers numerous benefits, including improved accuracy, faster access, enhanced operational efficiency, and increased client satisfaction. By addressing the specific challenges in custodying alts investments and providing increased transparency to all users, Canoe empowers financial advisors and partners with custodian banks to make smarter investment decisions and navigate the alts investment landscape more effectively.

Next Steps: 

Custodian banks and financial advisors can leverage Canoe’s expertise and technology to streamline alternative asset management, ultimately leading to improved performance and client satisfaction. Get in touch to learn more about how you can enhance your alts operations and bring transparency into your workflow by leveraging Canoe. Your clients deserve the best, and Canoe can help you deliver it.