Intern Spotlight: Molly Fallek, Client Success Intern

On a regular basis, we talk with our team members about their experience working at Canoe, and their future goals and aspirations. This week, we talked with Molly Fallek, Client Success Intern.

Tell us about your background. Where were/are you studying? What’s your major/minor? What excites you most about your chosen academic focus?

I am a born and raised New Yorker, currently on a gap year from Yale University. When I return to Yale in the fall, I will be a Sophomore, double majoring in Political Science and History, while concentrating on Politics, Law, and Government. I have also chosen a specific track that will allow me to pursue a Master’s degree in History within my four years of college. The intersection of these disciplines have transformed my sense of world, and history, from discrete, sequential events into a series of colliding and often contradictory narratives and thus, will encourage me to foster a more nuanced understanding of our changing world. Along with my studies, I am a member of the Yale Women’s Soccer team and actively involved in several campus organizations.

How did you hear about the intern program at Canoe? When did you start?

I heard of Canoe in quite an odd way. For the past few years, I (along with my father) have participated in a 50+ Men’s soccer league that meets on the weekends. When I mentioned to the group that I might pursue a gap year after Yale announced it would transition to an online format, one of the teammates, who works in the world of Alternative investments, recommended that I check out Canoe! I started this past September.

How was the transition from full-time student to full-time worker?

Despite the tumultuous atmosphere that has emerged from COVID-19, transitioning to full-time employment was an easier transition than I had anticipated. Like with any new opportunity, there is certainly a learning curve, but I was warmly welcomed and guided through the process by the team. I think the time-management skills that come from being a student-athlete and my natural proclivity to detail have helped prepare me for this new role.

What’s your day-to-day experience like at Canoe? What department do you work in? What kind of projects do you work on?

I’m currently an intern within the Client Success team. Our team is focused on guiding and supporting clients of Canoe. My day-to-day experience is quite dynamic, depending on the needs of both our team and our clients. I recently finished a project designed to help our client success team anticipate future client contract renewals and product releases.

What has been your most influential learning experience so far as an intern at Canoe?

It’s difficult to highlight one specific moment. Working at Canoe provides me with unique insights and invaluable experiences that I would never have had exposure to during my traditional collegiate life. Through my daily projects, I am constantly learning new information about the intricacies of alternative investments. Through daily conversations with the Client Success team, I have received career advice and guidance on how to navigate the professional work environment. And of course, working at Canoe has enlightened me to the skills, drive, and character needed to be a thoughtful employee and asset to any team.

Has interning at Canoe given you any ideas/insights on the career you’d like to pursue after graduation?

What I’ve come to appreciate most about Canoe is the company culture. I am continually impressed by the enthusiasm and positivity that resonates throughout Canoe. It is clear that everyone here is genuinely excited to come, albeit virtually, into work every day. I think that authentic passion comes from the collective recognition that this software can (and will) change the current alternative investment marketplace. This fall internship has fostered my curiosity and interest in the Fintech world — an interest I’d love to continue exploring at Canoe after I graduate (as long as I’m allowed back)!