Employee Spotlight: Toby Bailey, VP of Sales, EMEA

On a regular basis, we talk with our team members about their experience working at Canoe, and their future goals and aspirations. This week, we spoke with Toby Bailey, VP of Sales, EMEA.

Tell us about your role at Canoe. 

I joined Canoe to establish the team here in EMEA and am responsible for building out our presence in the region and expanding our client base.

What do you think sets Canoe apart in the alternatives data management space? 

Canoe is the only technology that provides value to our clients across the entire alternative investment document lifecycle. From the automated retrieval and categorisation of documents to the extraction, validation, and delivery of data, the Canoe end-to-end workflow is truly unrivaled. With a client base of over 200 now, Canoe has exposure to the documents produced by over 20,000 alternative investment funds. This too really sets us apart. 

What are some data management trends you’re seeing in the EMEA market specifically? How does this impact your work?

It feels like we are at a tipping point here in EMEA in terms of adoption of automation tools like Canoe. Talent is hard to come by these days and people are realizing that having highly-educated and skilled people manually extract data from documents is a huge waste of resources. Especially when Canoe can do it more quickly and accurately. This trend will only continue so it is keeping us very busy.

What has been your proudest professional moment since joining Canoe?

There have been many proud moments such as every new client win, collecting awards, and welcoming some excellent new colleagues. Overall, I am just proud to represent Canoe and to continue building the excellent reputation my colleagues in the US have built up.

What’s the best piece of advice someone has ever given you?

“Never scrimp on shoes or beds because if you’re not in one, you’re in the other.” That’s why you’ll always find me wearing such superb shoes.