Employee Spotlight: Kyle Rooney, Client Success Associate

On a regular basis, we talk with our team members about their experience working at Canoe, and their future goals and aspirations. This week, we talked with Kyle Rooney, Client Success Associate.

As a Client Success Associate, Kyle Rooney is responsible for onboarding new clients by providing support, training, advocacy, and relationship management. Prior to Canoe, he interned at a startup hedge fund which piqued his interest in the alternatives space. Kyle received his Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering degrees from Cornell University where he studied Operations Research and Information Engineering with concentrations in Business and Finance.

Tell us about your experience at Canoe.

What I enjoy most is getting the opportunity to try on different hats and really be a self-starter. I focus on creating a great experience for our clients and finding creative ways to deliver exceptional client service. Our company is growing fast, so we all come together to work through challenges and celebrate wins. There’s a lot of empathy and support, and that’s so important to me.”

How are you developing your skills?

Every day, I have the opportunity to develop my communication and client relations skills. By working with other young professionals who are also just getting started and finding their footing, we have this community of helping each other out. But also, being able to collaborate with people who have been in the industry for many years and know the ropes is so important. Everyone is willing to help you in both day-to-day workflow tasks and developing and reaching my longer-term career goals.

As a Client Success Associate, what excites you most about the company’s future?

How powerful our product is in solving our clients’ problems, especially when we’re working with clients that are big household names. We remove a huge blocker in their alternative investment workflows, and hearing their excitement about Canoe makes me very hopeful for the future of our product, our company, and how we’ll all grow and progress. Getting to be a part of that at such an early stage is very exciting.

How is your experience working in fintech so far?

I guess what makes fintech so interesting and exciting is how diverse and different each company is and how they all fulfill different needs. Something like Paypal and Venmo is everyday consumer, and then there’s Canoe which is very niche and specific, and not necessarily cash-based but focused on data and investments.

Talk to us about collaboration at Canoe.

Collaboration is easy when we’re all focused on a common goal. We take different approaches to tackling challenges, sometimes we lead, sometimes we follow. We’re well-rounded in that sense.