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Canoe Recognized as Best Institutional Investment Solution in the 2024 FinTech Breakthrough Awards

NEW YORK, NY, March 14, 2024 — FinTech Breakthrough today announced that Canoe Intelligence (“Canoe”), the platform for smarter alts management, was selected as a winner in the 2024 FinTech Breakthrough Awards program, taking home the “Best Institutional Investment Solution” award.

FinTech Breakthrough, a leading market intelligence organization that recognizes the top companies, technologies, and products in the global FinTech market, hosts an annual awards program, showcasing technologies and companies that drive innovation and exemplify the best in FinTech technology solutions across the globe.

The FinTech Breakthrough Awards program’s goal is to deliver the most comprehensive analysis of the FinTech industry each year by promoting companies and products that break through the crowded fintech market with innovative solutions. This year marked the eighth annual edition of the FinTech Breakthrough Awards, and with over 4,000 nominations submitted around the world, the 2024 program was extremely competitive. 

The 2024 winners include a very impressive list of top companies and startups in the larger financial services & FinTech industry. All FinTech Breakthrough Award nominations were evaluated by an independent panel of experts within the financial services and technology industries, with the winning products and companies selected based on a variety of criteria, including most innovative and technologically advanced products and services.

“As we announce the results of our 2024 program and reflect on the trends shaping the FinTech landscape this past year, innovation continues to accelerate at a remarkable pace – from the rise of decentralized finance (DeFi) to the integration of AI and machine learning within all categories of financial services and products,” said Steve Johansson, Managing Director, FinTech Breakthrough. “FinTech is a vibrant and dynamic sector, and our 2024 FinTech Breakthrough Award winners embody a spirit of breakthrough innovation and progress driving the financial industry forward. We extend a hearty congratulations to all of our 2024 FinTech Breakthrough Award winners.”

Earlier this week, Canoe announced the commercial launch of Canoe Asset Data, an innovative solution to the industry-wide challenge of accessing and using complete, timely, and accurate asset-level data. Several other Canoe product suite expansions launched towards the end of 2023, including Canoe Pro, a comprehensive solution that integrates expert services into the client experience. These product development programs build upon Canoe’s recent successes, including 100% year-over-year growth in 2023. Canoe continues to advance operational excellence through the expansion of its platform and product suite, exemplifying its commitment to innovation and industry-leading product development in the alternative investment industry.


About Canoe Intelligence
Canoe Intelligence (“Canoe”) is a financial technology company dedicated to advancing alternative investment intelligence for institutional investors, capital allocators, wealth managers, and asset servicing firms. Canoe empowers clients with technology, data, and insights to manage alternative assets more efficiently, accurately, and confidently. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, Canoe is redefining the future of alternative investment data management.

About FinTech Breakthrough Awards
The mission of the FinTech Breakthrough Awards is to perform the deepest evaluation of the comprehensive FinTech sector, and then recognize the creativity, hard work and success of these innovative FinTech companies, technologies, and products around the world. The  program is conducted by the Tech Breakthrough organization, a market intelligence organization that has worked with hundreds of technology titans such as PayPal, Intel, Comcast, Meta, Qualcomm, General Electric, Samsung, Cisco, Sprint, HP, Philips, Microsoft, NetApp, AT&T and many more, as well as groundbreaking startup companies. The FinTech Breakthrough program focuses specifically on the financial services and digital banking sector, producing today’s top public platform for recognition for standout FinTech technologies, people and companies. Other categories include Consumer Lending, Business Lending, Wealth Management, Personal Finance, Payments, Investments, Digital Identity, and Banking Structure.