Product Updates

Canoe Intelligence Product Update – January 2020

A Note from the CEO

Since our last update, we’ve made great progress in developing the Canoe Intelligence solution to meet the needs of all types of clients working with or allocating to alternatives. We are proud to offer the only purpose-built technology that eliminates manual data entry for the entire alternative investment ecosystem.

Powered by client and partner feedback, ideas, and support, we will continue to accelerate product development to further transform alternative investment operations. To help drive these future innovations, we are excited to announce the completion of our Series A round of financing.

We continue to focus on enhancing the end-to-end operational workflow that incorporates document ingestion and categorization to data extraction, validation, and delivery.

Thank you again for sharing in and contributing to our continued success. Together, we are solving the manual data challenge facing our industry and building a more sustainable future for all involved.

Keep Paddling,
Seth Brotman, CEO

This article highlights the progress made within each of the workflow pillars above. From a more powerful API for uploading documents and downloading data, to a new methodology for validating complex document types, many of the highlights we discuss in this update had their roots in discussions with our users.

A More Powerful API Designed for Scale

  • POST Functionality: Upload PDF documents and IDs at scale
  • Streamlined verification of incoming API requests with Authorization and Refresh Tokens

Advanced Tools for Superior Document Management

  • Create custom groupings of accounts, such as analyst coverage, geography, or priority, to speed the review process
  • Stay updated on new or missing documents with real-time alerts
  • Coming Soon! Multi-Allocation

New Methodology for Industry-Leading Data Extraction

  • Expanded the number and types of fields captured to enable the creation of more advanced learning patterns
  • Added support for more complex document types, such as Institutional Limited Partners Association (ILPA) statements
  • Improved precision of extraction technology so that more complex learning patterns can be created
  • Applied machine-learning technology to accelerate the data extraction and validation process for clients with clearer flagging and learning pattern predictions

More Ways to Unlock Your Data

  • Enhanced GET Functionality for the API (Every Document Center filter option is now a query parameter for retrieving document data)
  • Enhanced downstream data delivery capabilities for: Addepar, Black Diamond, InvestmentMetrics, Solovis, and Tamarac